Who we are

We're passionate about bringing a change to a $4 Billion Offline Travel Segment

The offline travel market in India, is the most unorganised market segment even though it involves business to the tune of $4,000 million each year in India alone. We are a group of Hospitality professionals & software developers who are problem solvers at heart. We strive to bridge the market gaps to iron out all transaction wrinkles to bring more sales traction while reducing the operational friction within the industry stakeholders.

What we do

The offline travel market stakeholders largely operate the old fashioned way. Travoozy is the solution to bring their operational efficiany at par with the OTA market. This tool will bridge all market gaps & create one environment pool for all stakeholders.

Introduce technology to bridge functional gaps in traditional pen & paper business functions

What we intend to do

Create an eco-system for the offline travel segment participants to work in cohesion

55% Travel & Tourism transactions take place offline. Yet not a single eco-system that facilitates end to end transactions using technology. After analysing the different aspects of the travel & tourism industry by working from hotel operations to sales & marketing, from travel agency & DMC contact centres to ticketing and logistics, we are bridging the industry gaps through Tech.


Top Floor, Commercial building 734/2,
Panthaghati, Shimla 171009,
Himachal Pradesh, India